Two Pictures of Venus


I’m not much of an astro-photographer, but I did make two nice shots with my old Sony DSC-W5 that may be worth sharing.

The first shot was made on 6 June 2010 from Damnoni beach on the island of Crete (35° 10′ 27.65″ N, 24° 24′ 51.63″ E). If you click to enlarge, to the right of Venus you will clearly see the two brightest stars of the constellation Gemini, the orange Pollux (β Gem, closer to Venus) and the white binary Castor (α Gem, further to the right). Dante was born in the sign of Gemini and he speaks of the two stars as “gli eterni Gemelli” (Paradiso, XXII.112/116):

O glorious stars, O light impregnated
  With mighty virtue, from which I acknowledge
  All of my genuius, whatsoe’er it be.
With you was born, and hid himself with you,
  He who is father of all mortal life…

The second shot was made on 14 June 2010 from my elevated west-facing balcony in Zagreb. Venus made a nice appearance with the waxing crescent Moon over the city periphery landscape.

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